An introduction of the Universal Express Co., Ltd.
( Chinese name is SHI HAI )

Established 1978
Scope and Field of Business : Providing customs clearance assistance and shipping services for import/export businesses.

Shi Hai has more than twenty years of experience in customs clearance in Taiwan. Its entire business operations are derived solely from the firm's own capital and not as a result of merger or trademark borrowing. At present, Shi Hai assists an average of 800-1000 import/export shipments every month.

Its import clients are generally profitable entities engaged in importing raw materials, factory machineries and components, electrical components for environmental protection projects, partial or complete set of equipment and facilities for food manufacturing factories.

On the other hand, majority of the exports it handles includes chemical materials, followed by factory equipment, environment project equipment, machines and their components, computers, televisions sets and other items. Some of these clients are Far Eastern Textile Ltd., TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd (IBM Monitor), Chin Poon Industrial Co., Ltd. and Hsin Sin Textile Co., Ltd. etc. In addition, most customers are publicly listed company, has been entrusting their exports to the professional expertise of Shi Hai for more than ten years to date.

The primary staff and personnel of the company have more than twenty years of experience in their respective line of profession and have been working for Shi Hai for more than fifteen years. They maintain a harmonious and fruitful working relationship with personnel from other units. The total number of employees adds up to 30 people. Since the company is now accessible via the internet, it is able to handle transactions at a faster rate. Nevertheless, both its computer and traditional record handling processes are extremely reliable and capable of successfully carrying out transactions to meet the need of the customers.

The above-written summary presents a glimpse of the current business operations status of the company. In addition, this company was appraised as a First Class Customs Broker by the Ministry of Finance and Keelung Customs Officer from year 2000 to 2014.